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Happy Wash-U

Happy Wash-U –
Revolutionizing Toilets with Innovations from Japan!

Not using toilet paper in the bathroom? This is the standard practice in modern-day Japan. Japanese toilets have become places of relaxation since it allows users to relieve themselves. The most important ingredient for relaxation is cleanliness. However, one problem is throwing used toilet paper in the trashcan after use, because it causes odors and is unhygienic.


Happy Wash-U will take your home toilet a revolutionary step forward! It is more hygienic than wiping only with a toilet paper, as Happy Wash-U flushes away waste with water after use. What’s more is that Happy Wash-U can also reduce the amount of toilet paper used, eliminating concerns about clogging due to toilet paper and maintaining the cleanliness of toilets. Try out what has become a standard in Japan!

Promos & Events

You can see and touch "REAL" HAPPY WASH-U at this Events ! And then you could feel how inovative "HAPPY WASH-U" is ! TRUST US!

Promo Period

December 3 - 23,2015 (Open all day from 10am - 10pm)


SM Mall of Asia Lower Ground Floor in front of Activity Area

Next year 2016 schedule

January 5 to 10  : SM Mall of Asia  January 12 to 24 : Greenhills Mall 
January 27 to February 17 : SM Megamall  


The Five Advantages of Happy Wash-U


A refreshing practice you have never before experienced

As Happy Wash-U washes away waste with water, users can experience a clear sense of refreshments, since Happy Wash-U washes away waste that cannot be removed by wiping with toilet paper alone. It offers excellent hygiene.


Recommended for those suffering from hemorrhoids and constipation

Wiping with toilet paper each time can be burdensome and makes hemorrhoids worse. However, water washing is a gentle alternative for those suffering from hemorrhoids, and for those suffering from constipation. Stimulating the area can have a laxative effect.


Recommended for women

Women can use the front washing feature for their female area. This feature is also ideal for women to help remove discomfort during menstruation or when experiencing heavy discharge.


Save on toilet paper usage, and eliminate clogged toilets

When a user cannot remove waste despite repeated wiping and uses a large volume of toilet paper, at once, the cost of the toilet paper increases and the practice can lead to clogging. With Happy Wash-U, only a small quantity of toilet paper is used. This can lead to savings on toilet paper and a toilet that lasts longer.


Reassuring Japanese quality

Japanese-made products are sturdy and do not break easily. A product warranty also offers peace of mind.

Happy Wash-U also provides a host of other benefits!


Usage at restaurants

An unclean and smelly restaurant toilet will keep customers away. A clean and beautiful toilet improves store image.

Usage at hotels

Eliminating toilet trash cans and odors can present the image of a more luxurious hotel.

Usage at movie theaters, shopping centers and so on

Even with many toilets available, as toilet paper needs to be replaced less often, facility operators can control personal costs as well. Moreover, if the number of cleaning sessions is reduced, customers will no longer be kept waiting.

Peace of mind in allowing guests to use the toilet

When the toilet is clean, a user can allow guests to use it with peace of mind. A clean toilet can even be a point of pride.

How to Use



Sit down far back on the toilet set. The sensor built in to the set will react when it comes into contact with the skin and allow the buttons to be operated.

How to Use1



Select the type of button you wish to use and press it.

How to Use2



When washing is complete, press the stop button to cease washing.

How to Use3



After checking that washing is complete, flush the toilet, close the lid and leave the bathroom.

How to Use4


product name HAPPY WASH-U
model code HWU-001
rating AC220V 60Hz 456W
classfication warm water style
method water tap direct connection
usage pressure 0.069〜0.735MPa
behind water
discharge amount
approximately 0.36〜0.65L/minute
(dynamic water pressure : 0.2MPa)
behind power water
discharge amount
bidet water
discharge amount
approximately 0.36~0.65L/minute
(dynamic water pressure : 0.2MPa)
tank capacity 0.7L warm water style
micro computer control、3 levels adjustment(33/36/39℃)
or OFF saving electrocity approximately 30℃
heater capacity 401W
safety device temperature fuse, thermostat, water level sensor,
temperature sensor
usage temperature covarage water supply temperature:0~33℃
periphery temperature:0~40℃
earth leakage blocking device within 15mA0.03 second
cord 5.0m
product dimensions width 473mm×depth 535mm×height 149mm
product weight 3.7kg
plate screw pitch attachment 140mm〜200mm



Savings compared to wiping with toilet paper
As waste is washed away with water, hardly any toilet paper is used, making Happy Wash-U an excellent economical choice.

Won′t the waste from previous toilet usage stick to the shower unit?
As the nozzle is kept clean at all times with a self-cleaning mode, there is no need to worry that waste will stick to the unit.

Isn′t there a risk of spreading disease?
The self-cleaning mode is activate each time before and after toilet use. Therefore, there is no need to worry about spreading disease.

Aren′t electric shocks a concern?
In the event of an electricity leak, the unit automatically cuts off the power supply as a safety precaution.

Won′t water consumption increase?
As the unit is designed to conserve energy, sufficient washing can be performed with a minimal amount of water consumption.

Can it wash the area of usage properly?
As waste is washed away with water, users can cleanly wash away waste that couldn′t be removed with toilet paper.

Isn′t there a worry about clothes getting wet?
Your clothes will not get wet as long as you sit far back on the toilet seat, but if this is a concern, the strength of the water pressure can be reduced for use.

Won′t it break down?
As Happy Wash-U is an electrical product, the product may break down after being used for a long time. Regular maintenance is recommended to extend the life of the product.

Won′t it add to electricity bills?
As Happy Wash-U is an electrical product, using it will incur electricity changes. However, as it is designed to conserve energy, electricity usage will only account for a small amount.

I want to know the cleaning and maintenance procedures

When cleaning the product:
1.Remove the power plug.
2.Wipe the entire product with a well-wrung cloth.
Perform cleaning around once a week according to the above steps.


To perform maintenance on the nozzle:
1.Press the + button for at least three seconds.
2.Wipe the exposed nozzle with a tooth brush or cloth to remove any dirt.
Perform maintenance around once a month according to the above steps.


*When performing cleaning or maintenance on the product, please avoid using acidic or alkaline detergents.


I want to know the service life
The product is designed to last between seven and ten years. As the product may break down if it is used for more than ten years, please consider replacing the product after this time.

Aren′t water leakages a concern?
Water leakages may occur. If a water leakage occurs, shut off the valve and disconnect the power supply.