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Basic Renovation Style

Accounting for tastes while controlling costs with a semi-made-to-order system.

One of the features of our renovation service is its semi-made-to-order system. This system allows users to visualize prices and control costs and balances this with the freedom to express individual taste.
But that′s not all — we offer flexible support for different choices including full made-to-order options and partial renovations. When it comes to renovating an existing condominium, the wide range of budgets that allow customers to consult over any possibility is a hallmark of Nexus R Housing.

Finding new value in your residence, we support your ideal lifestyle with home development.


In some cases, you may be presented with prices that are surprisingly cheap among home renovation companies, but to make the place somewhere you can live in properly, most of these deals require optional extras that end up coming at a steep price.

Our semi-made-to-order plans are offered at a fixed price, so you can have a clear idea of the total cost in advance.
Working from three basic designs, you can develop room designs and floor plans to match your tastes.
As we use materials carefully selected with the meticulous standards of professionals, we offer homes people can live in as-is with peace of Moreover, for those who want more control, component changes and optional extras based on a selected design taste such as “spacious kitchen” or “specific wall color” can also be chosen. Since there is already a base to work from, you can develop a home to suit your unique tastes within budget.

Choosing a Design Taste

Four Types of Design Taste



A natural taste evoking the warmth of nature to produce a calm space.



A design to meet the tastes of those after a stylish, urban look.



A classy space evoking sense and individuality in every corner.



Taking the nostalgia and familiarity of a Japanese home space and re-arranging it into a modern Japanese style.

Components can be changed or added to taste

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*Apart from some exceptions, changes and additions to components incur additional charges.

We Handle All These Aspects in a Total Package

Standard Eco

For relatively new properties or users who wish to utilize floor plans and equipment as-is, construction is undertaken while leaving some parts unchanged. Of course, since the visual parts and plumbing equipment is all revamped, you can begin a lifestyle that is tailored just for you.
We will make suggestions by striking a good balance with costs and your desires.

Full Made-to-Order Designs

We also cater to full made-to-order designs. You will be assigned a dedicated designer who will help develop a design that matches your desires from scratch. As we cater to all manner of tastes, feel free to consult with us about what you are looking for.