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Solar Power Generation

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Our solar power generating homes are planned in pursuit of the greatest cost effectiveness. Solar power generation, often regarded as an out-of-reach dream, along with a high-quality home combining energy savings, comfort and disaster prevention equipment, can be obtained at a reasonable cost. Tailored to the budgets and wishes of the customer, we build “a home just for you” that allows flexible changes to materials and equipment and offers satisfaction.

Features of Our Solar Power Generating Homes

Our solar power generating homes offer all these features:
  • Solar power generating system equipped as standard
  • All-electric home
  • A home with great energy-saving performance and excellent equipment
  • A custom-built home allowing freedom of design
  • LED lighting in all rooms
  • Flow design that cuts housework time in half
  • Special sheeting covering outer walls (Tyvek Silver) for heat insulation
  • Low-E glass and resin sash for heat-insulating windows
  • Air-tight panel construction to achieve earthquake resistance, thermal insulation and soundproofing
  • Keeping outer walls clean with a self-cleaning functions
  • Mat foundation for high levels of home safety and stability

With all these features, we not only offer solar power generation but also use a variety of equipment and construction techniques to enhance living comfort.
What′s more, you can reduce loan repayments with the revenue from selling electric power from solar power generation, making it a home that eliminates the uncertainty associated with building a new home.

Reducing the burden of loans with the income gained from selling electricity through high-capacity solar panels


As high-capacity solar panels that generate more than 10kW are equipped as standard, high generating capacity can be achieved.


Regular Home

While regular homes install panels with a generating capacity of 3-4kW, Our homes are equipped with high-capacity panels that generate at least 10kW.
As the roof is entirely covered with the panels, it is visually pleasing and the income from selling electricity increases by producing electricity in greater quantity.

Equipment with high heat-insulting performance helps to conserve energy and lower utility bills.


Equipping Low-E double-glazed glass with thick air spaces and high heat-insulating performance and resin sashes that prevent dew condensation due to temperature differences as standard equipment leads to lower utility bills.

Low-E Glass
Low-E Glass

While regular double-glazing glass earns a two-star rating for energy-saving building materials, the Low-E glass used in our homes earns the highest four-star rating.

Tyvek Silver
Tyvek Silver

Tyvek Silver cloaks a home in a special spacesuit-type sheeting. The sheeting reflects heat from the outside allowing indoor temperatures to be maintained.

Eco Cute
Eco Cute

Equipped as standard, Eco Cute uses relatively cheaper late-night electric power to supply hot water efficiently.
As no gas supply contract is required, a major advantage is the absence of any basic charge.
Compared with propane gas, hot water supply expenses can be reduced by around 80%.

Because our solar power generating homes combine equipment with high heat-insulating performance, they achieve excellent results in reducing utility bills.

Uses flow lines that cut housework times in half, to the delight of mothers


Designs that aim to put everything within ten steps of the kitchen


Storage shelves built in to the kitchen

We thoroughly researched the housework that puts a strain on women and their dissatisfaction with storage options.
As a result, we developed a design to put washbasins, dressing spaces, closets, laundry hanging and child-rearing spaces within ten steps of the kitchen, producing flow lines that cut housework times in half.

In two-way kitchens based on the theme of dialog between parents and their children, we set up built-in storage designed to increase the time families spend together while reducing the strain on mothers.


Large storage shelving in washroom area